Layout Changes Trigger Full Interface Reset in Glide Project


I’m experiencing issues while working inside my Glide Project. Specifically, whenever I make ANY changes to the layout, the entire interface resets as if I’ve just opened the project. This includes being redirected to the first page in my project, which is restricted for me to view.

This problem occurs when I’m modifying Filter properties or applying any table column to the layout object. It all began after I discarded some changes in my project.

I’ve attempted to resolve the issue by restarting my computer and switching from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome, but the problem persists.

These conditions are making it impossible for me to continue my work, please do something!

My suggestion:

  • Log out of Glide
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Delete any and all Glide related cookies
  • Log back into Glide

If the above doesn’t help, then you may need to submit a Support Ticket.

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