Keep entering pin

My app’s URL: Https://
I have a user, of course a very important one, that when she logs in she needs a pin. After 3 clicks she gets logged out. Then she needs to login again with a pin.
This keeps happening. Any suggestions what it could be?

Is there any link going out of the app? In case her device is configured with “agressive” mem cache / cookies cleaner, it may happened if she does not use her Google account to log in. Sometimes Jen you click on a web link in the app, you go out on the destination, then when you want to come back into the app, the app refreshes. It happened to me, but not for a few weeks.


I’ll double check. She doesn’t strike me as the person that knows what a cookie is. But she lives in China parttime and possibly people that would configure her machine for her.
This behavior was in chrome on Mac.

She trying on the phone. So far no news.

What I’m hearing as an option is using a google account. I’ll keep that in mind.

Yes, I’d suggest activating Gmail login.
If she’s in China, maybe it has something to do with it.

Is she in a VPN?

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Not a clear solution,… after being kicked off time for over 5 / 10 minutes. She left it.
Next day did the same thing and so far it seems good.
Thanks for the suggestion both @eltinteroand & @Christophe_HK

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