Disconnecting the application without reasons

hello everyone,

I just created my application with the pro version. I use the connection system with whitelist and PIN.

Several users have indicated to me that after a few days / week the application disconnected them and they asked them for a new email address & PIN to connect.

Does this also happen to you?

Are there plans to have a whitelist by number phone?

Thank you

The cookie that holds the login info would not expire in that timeframe. Theoretically it should only go away (which would cause the re-log need) if they clear cookies on the device. If you can determine any commonality with the devices affected that would help.
Since we don’t use the phone number as part of the login process I don’t see it as something that would work. I’m pretty sure it’s not in any pipeline for the future.

Is there any chance you made major updates to the app after the users signed in for the first time? I don’t know if it makes a difference, but maybe something was reset to make them sign in again.


Actually I changed the search tab for the whitelist. Could it come from there? To watch for the next …

Thank you for your feedback!

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I’m not sure. Just a thought.