Force logout of user

Have anyone confirme that it is possible to force a logout of a user from an app. The app can be installed in both computer and phone.

Use case: user leaves the company and should not be allowed to continue using the app. The app is of course private and the user is therefore in the users table.

The way I do this is to use a separate white list table to define which users can access the App. (Settings->Privacy->Users->All Emails in Table)

When a user leaves the company, their email is deleted from the whitelist table, and their entry in the User Profiles table is left as is. This has the effect of locking them out of the App, whilst all their data is left intact.


@Darren_Murphy but would the users sessions in app and computer actually be closed or will the user just not have the possibility to log in again.

Yes, they are signed out within a minute or two. As soon as the data change syncs with their device.
I just tested this to be 100% certain.


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