Whitelist Timing

My app’s URL:

I was testing a new user through my workflow. the user was written to my whitelist, and glide sent me this for the first 4 minutes or so of trying to login. I opened and closed and it still would not request a pin.

I would add a user the whitelist before and they could request a pin right after.

After a few minutes it finally allowed me.


Is your whitelist updated through a zap or some other process outside of Glide? Then I can see it possibly taking awhile to sync up with Glide. Since you are using whitelist, I assume your app is on the pro plan? Even with the auto refresh that pro offers, I can see the whitelisted email taking a few minutes to update on Glide’s side. I’m wondering if a third party update to the sheet does not cause google to immediately send an update to Glide.

That’s my guess. Maybe Glide has a better answer of the inner workings.