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What specific things need to be whitelisted for my users to get through our school firewall via Google authentication?

My link is: https://time-lords-of-callenworld.glide.page

That has been whitelisted, but I still get this message:

I would probably start with what the message is telling you. glideapps.com and googleapis.com. Will probably need more.

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I supplied the error message and the two urls to my network guy, and I will have a student test it in the morning. I hope there are not a lot more, but we shall see.

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Round 2

Does this mean that I have the settings wrong inside the app?

Could we see a screenshot of your setup

I don’t see any problems with that setup, but when I tried to log in to your app, I expected an error message to say I don’t have access to the app, but it didn’t show me anything. Weird one.

Who do I get support from now? I need to get this app available for my users quickly. I’m now a paid user, and my local support can’t figure it out?

The current state is that users cannot authenticate via Google, yes?
Which is probably something to do with your local firewall (given that Google Authentication works fine almost anywhere else in the world).

So if your local IT are unable to resolve that, perhaps a workaround might be to enable PIN based authentication?

That isn’t an option because our students are not able to receive emails from other domains.

You can still use the pin method with a Gmail address. It just doesn’t use Google authentication services.

How do they get the PIN number then?

The PIN email will come from no-reply@auth.appnotify.io - can you not ask your IT to allow emails from that domain?

Either way, the bottom line here is that it’s your organisations security policies that are preventing your users from being able to access your App. Neither us here in the Community or Glide can do anything about that. Something needs to change on your side, or you are stuck :man_shrugging:


OK. If you are sure that the problem is on our side, that helps. I can see if they will allow that input to be allowed. Fingers crossed.

Since I have already populated the user table with the users’ information, what will trigger the PIN numbers to be sent? Will I know them so that I can remind them when students forget?


An attempt to login from your users will trigger an email to be sent.

You won’t be alerted about those.


Can you think of anything else that would need to be whitelisted? My user never got the PIN by email, even though my IT guy happily whitelisted the link you mentioned.

Where would I see an attempted login on my end in Glide? Maybe it would look like a request for access or something?


You should have this option in Settings > Users & Authentication.

Then when you access your Users table, you should see a list of access requests, if there is one.

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