Issue with Using Chrome Browser to Create New Records (Invoices / Receipts)

Dear Community and Support

Past 2 days our admins from 2 separate location having some issues which we have face d in the past, and now resurface again.

  1. Our school admin need to create invoices that are in running number. So our app is designed in such a way that there is a NextInvoiceCode. This invoice number will be increase by 1 when a new invoice is created.

  1. Past 3 days when they created invoices and receipts, at times there will be missing receipt numnber or skipped number:

The above transactions were done in the morning of 14-Jul-2023 08:52:15

Another of our school admin just reported @ 17 Jul 2023 1pm:

  1. On his screen, an invoice true299 can be seen.

  1. We checked in the editor that tthis true299 invoice no is not recorded, BUT true300 is recorded.

  1. We have asked the admin to refresh the browser on his terminal and as expected, the true299 is gone

  1. Our school is using Chrome Browser and Wifi.

Kindly advise what should we do to prevent the above from happening again? Our admin won’t be able to know if the transactions is recorded to the glide table, since it is reflected in their browser correctly.

p.s. For the Glide official support, we are not sure how we can reproduce this in a video, as this happens intermittently.

I assume you don’t have any scripts running on your Google Sheets?

Are you able to access the actions history to see if there were any errors (though I don’t know if you can track form submission actions).

Hi @ThinhDinh Thanks for your reply.

There’s no scripts on my google sheet for this part.

Actions history is in the custom actions section?

Yeah, you can check the actions history with the “View logs” choice here (hamburger menu next to the action’s name).


I can’t seem to find the log.

The following just happens again. Missing Data after Use key in

When check in Editor, there is indeed one data missing!

This morning there is a duplicate RE280, in which the second RE280 was keyed in 4 mins after July 18, 2023 @ 9:02am. We have used an increment for the next number. Apparently it didn’t work.

We supposed Chrome browser should be the most stable browser?

p.s. The RE281 was amended to replace RE280

Dear Support

Please find the screenshot of the glide table when we discover missing records again on 20 Jul 2023

We have been monitoring our admin using the system and identify missing records. Immediately we have asked our admin to take a video of their device before and after refreshing their screen. The videos have been uploaded to a support ticket Confirmation (1773883661)