2 Entries getting generated in Glide table while submitting a form

Hey, While submitting a form, there are 2 entries (1 duplicate) getting created in Glide table, while in the google sheet i can see only 1 entry. Also when i am submitting form again the duplicate entry gets deleted and another duplicate entry is posted for the new form submission.

PFB screenshots.

Only 1 entry present in Google Sheet.

Does it go away when you refresh the editor?

No Its still there. Only goes away when we submit another form entry and than a duplicate is generated for the new entry.

You can share the link to your app here and when @Mark has time he will have a look.

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Hey @ThinhDinh … Thanks for your response.
Issue has been resolved and its working perfectly fine now.

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Hey guys, I’m having this exact issue, submitting a form creates duplicate records in the glide data editor (only one record gets created in the related google sheet). Deleting the record in google sheets only deletes one row. I’m happy to share app access through messages to help troubleshoot

It looks like the issue I mentioned above was resolved with a browser refresh of the glide editor. All good now.