Issue with filter

I am currently testing out a filter feature for my app which works perfectly fine in the preview. However, When i test it on my phone it seems to come up with the dates rather than months.

Glide Builder - Preview

iPhone Published view

The date is set to long version which provides the month and then i use extract matching text collum which takes anything up to the whitespace ‘(\w+)’


Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

This will be because the date format on your phone is different to the date format in your browser.

You need to use a different method to determine the month name. Here is what I do:

  • Create a column in a table somewhere that lists the month names, from Jan to Dec, one per row.
  • Use a Math column to extract the Month Index number from the Date: Month(Date)-1
  • Use a Single Value column to fetch the Month name - taking Month Index from start, and targeting the column with your Month names

This is a reliable method that will work on all devices, regardless of device/browser date formatting.


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