Summing filtered records

I may need to this in excel, but thought i’d ask for inspiration

I have a transactional table with invoices for different clients and different invoice dates.
Using a dataTable I can search for specific client and then further filter for a specific month, but if I wanted to keep a tally of the value of the invoices in the filter.

Is that possible ?

Also in the compute column month(date) gives you a numerical value of the month, is it possible to get the actual name of the month without having to do some form of a lookup table ?

Currently, there isn’t a way to show a dynamic value in the filter. Before Glide moved to multiple filter, you’d see a count of the filtered records, but now I think it a just shows how many filters you’ve applied.

You can use the format Date column to get the name of the month. Use MMM to get Jan. MMMM to get January

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Do you mean when you use your filters, you want to rollup the total value of the invoices that are visible on the screen? If that’s the case then it’s not possible, since you don’t have access to the in-app filter values to do a rollup.

I think Format Date (Luxon) fails a lot in Safari. An alternative is:

  • Create a Make Array column with a Placeholder as the 1st value.

  • Use a single value column to get the text version of the month name.

The Placeholder was put in place because Single Value column considers the index starting from 0, but the Month formula starts from 1. Doing that puts January at 1, February at 2 etc.

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Does it? I haven’t experienced this. Can you reproduce?

Me and @Darren_Murphy have seen it failed multiple times in the past, we haven’t used it much since.

Just tested, I can’t replicate the issue now but it failed once in a while for me and it was super frustrating.

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For simple use cases (convert number to month) I’ve yet to see it fail.

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I think it relates to the locale of the device as well. I think me and Darren did experience bugs partly because we were living in ddmmyyyy countries, and I have faced problems with clients not seeing the expected value in iOS, but in Chrome it’s fine.

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This is possible. Has an official bug report been filed?

I don’t think we filed for a bug at that time, and have not used it extensively ever since.

I don’t think I ever submitted a bug report, but I did create a GitHub issue the first time I noticed it, almost 2 years ago.

The worst thing about this is that it can be very difficult to reproduce, and even more difficult to debug when it breaks. I had a fairly lengthy rant about it below:

It’s quite possible that it’s been fixed and now works perfectly in all cases (although my Github issue was never closed or commented on), but quite honestly I’m just not willing to take the chance when I know there are other methods to get what I need that I can be confident will work in all cases :man_shrugging: