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Hello dear Glide Community Friends.

I hop that all of you are well.

I have been working for an App for a Church, I was really happy because I finalized all the requirements that I received but when I reviewed the phone experience I am not able to watch the relation with the Church Members Birthdays.

When I use my laptop and usual browser everything is going well, but in the phone view I have the problem.

Here the App mentioned it: https://comunidadavinu.glide.page/

I would like to receive your support and feedback, please.


Your Friend,

Michael B.

Hi Mike,

Can you tell us how to reproduce the problem, i.e what screen do we have to navigate to, and what’s the specific component we should look at?

If possible, please provide some screenshots or a video of the problem. Thank you!


Hello @ThinhDinh, I thank you so much for been in touch and also for your support.

I am sharing the screenshots in this message:

  1. Birthday Screen:

  2. Screen with the Relation for taking the Birthdays my Month.

  3. Screen with the Data and Relation with the Registration of the Church Members.

  4. Screen with the Data for getting the Month from the Date of Birthday.

Previously, I mentioned that I am able to watch the Members of the church in the Birthdays Tab when I am using my computer but when I go to use my cellphone I am not able to review the church members my month respect the birthdays.

I appreciate all your help and support.


Michael B.

My suspicion here would be that the date format on your phone is different, and so your if-then-else column fails.

A more robust method for determining the month name from a date is as follows:

  • Create a Lookup table with a single column for the names of the months.
  • Add 12 rows to this table, one for each month of the year, and add the month names
  • In your data table (the one that contains the dates), determine the Month Index value for each date by using a math column with the following formula: Month(Date)-1
  • Add a Single Value column. This should target your table with the list of month names, taking the Month Index value from the start
  • Use this Single Value column instead of your current if-then-else column.

My Friend @Darren_Murphy, I thank you so much for your support.

I am able to view the Persons in every month thanks to the Date of Birthday and your recommendations.

Again, thanks a lot.

May God Bless you.


Michael Berrios.

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