Is this a MAJOR issue? Please tell me I'm wrong!


I have a notice board app. I have 2 versions, an admin version to upload notices and a viewing only version.
I do not want anyone with the viewing only version to have the ability to upload notices.

I use a file picker to upload pdf files and an image component to display a generated image from that pdf. The image action is set to enlarge image.

The file picker is only available in the admin version.

But I just discovered that anyone can just drag and drop anything on to the image component and it replaces the legitimate notice!

Someone please tell me there is a fix for this?

Many thanks


I’ve tried protecting the cell in the sheet so only I can edit it, then opened the app in an incognito browser window and tried it again and it still updates the sheet with the new link.

How can I display an image that can’t be updated by just anyone?

So does this mean I can open anyones app that I have a link for and just replace all their images?

This can’t be right surely? What am I missing?

A fix will be rolling out shortly

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That’s great news!

Thanks Jason.