Uploaded images no longer showing

My app’s URL: kumpcellar.glideapp.io

Hey there! I’m using the image upload feature to add images to my entries. They were working fine until today, and now none of them are showing. Attempting to open the image url (which is still being generated) results in a permission denied error:


“error”: {
“code”: 403,
“message”: “Permission denied. Could not perform this operation”

Any help?

It might help to post a few direct URL’s so others can test it as well outside of the App. Can’t help directly but I can tag a few folks that might be able to. @Mark @JackVaughan @david @Jason

Hi. Have you set up any data validation inside your spreadsheet? Your URLs are corrupted, which is why you are seeing this error, but we can’t reproduce the corrupted URLs on our end.

If you provide us with the relevant URLs, we can give you working replacements.

Ah, you know what, I actually know what happened now and it’s my fault.

A bulk edit of the sheet removed the % escapes from the urls :frowning_face:

We can close this out as I know how to fix it. Sorry for the alert!