Is it possible to have a user upload a picture into a form in one form and then add it to another table row

I’ve been following this “How do I transfer a new row ID from 1st form into a 2nd form?

I have a form that the user accesses via single value field and has a whole workflow in a separate table gathering all the information necessary before creating a new row in another table where all the information is added. One of the steps is uploading a picture, however once I create a the new row the picture does not seem to carry over.

Does anyone know if there is a way around this?

I see that I helped you out in the other thread, however I’m not quite grasping the challenge in this case. Could you explain a little more and maybe add a screen shot or two?

Especially the following:

I don’t really understand what you mean by “carry over” in the above context :man_shrugging:

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I don’t know if you remember but you have a table called the ‘Helper’ which is the table that controls the flow of an input form.

My form is a form for user to generates new ceramics items.

First the user clicks the add button to add another item to the collection list.

On the button I got the following action:

It then takes the user to the table called ''Ceramics forms" which is what you in your tutorial called ‘Helper’

This is a form where users input different information about the ceramic items they are about to create.
One of of the things I ask them is to upload a picture of their creation:

When they get to the end of the form-flow theres a button with an action that creates another row in a table called ceramics and adds all the information from the “Ceramic helper” into the ceramics table.

However when I create a row in the ceramics table the input/IMG (The picture the user has uploaded) is not added into the new row in the Input/Img (the newly created row in the ceramics table)

Does that somewhat explain it?

Can you show the screenshot of the add row action from the “CeramicForm” table to the Ceramics table?

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What does the Next button below do?

Does it add a row?
If it does, then my guess is that the user might be clicking the button before the image is finished uploading.

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@Darren_Murphy The next button actually only moves to the next step, so it’s not add any new row.
But I took your suggestion into consideration, and checked the Data tab, and it indeed seems that the picture takes some time to upload and when I give it enough time it carries over into the new row.

I guess I’ve just ran the tests too quickly.

The problem is that the image is an optional, so I can’t set a restriction on the next button to only be visible if the image field is not empty.
Do you know if there a way so set a loader or something else that can ensure that if a picture is uploaded a new row is not created before it’s completely loaded into Glide?

If the image is optional, then that is a little tricky.
What you could do is something like the following:

  • Create a user specific boolean column with a default state of not checked.
  • Add a checkbox or switch to that same screen where the image is added, and target it at the boolean column
  • Set the visibility on the image picker so that it only appears when the boolean is checked
  • Create an if-then-else column as follows:
    – If boolean is not checked, then true
    – If image column is not empty, then true
  • Finally, add a condition to your next button such that it’s only enabled when the if-then-else column is checked

The impact of the above on the user flow should be:

  • when the user enters the screen, they should see the switch/checkbox that asks if they want to add an image
  • the Next button should be enabled, so they can choose to skip the image and move on
  • if they toggle the switch/checkbox, then the image picker should appear, and the Next button should remain disabled until an image has been loaded.

ahh very nice. I guess the best way would be if Glide adds a function to the image picker that shows how many percentages the uploaded file is.

But will use your ‘image switch idea for now.’

Thank you very much for all your help

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