How do I transfer a new row ID from 1st form into a 2nd form?

I’m trying to make a form that’s two forms in one.
First I have three tabs [Task Category], [Tracking] and [Tracking lines]

On the first screen the user chooses a Task category - which then opens a form which uses [Tracking] as a source.
I use the [Task category] row ID to make a relationship between those two tabs.

Now in the [Tracking] form I have an ‘open form button’ to open a form that uses [Tracking lines] as source to add a bunch of items to the tracking record.
However when I try to make a relationship using the [Tracking] row ID, I can’t get anything from the components except for the row ID from [Task Category] - the initial first click.

How can I get the [Tracking] row ID into my [Tracking lines] so I can make a relationship between my [Tracking tab] and the multiple [Tracking lines]?

Or is this now possible at all?

If I’m understanding correctly, you should be able to use Column Values.

Add a component to your Form Screen, and in the list of components look for the “Values from Screen” group.


I’ll have try and see what happens.