"Edit screen" does not save inputs right after item creation (Glide Pages)

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Describe the bug:

  1. Step 1 is a form container like shown in this image. It adds a new review entry. All fine here. Then visitors are forwarded to the edit screen (because I need the review text from them).

  2. Step 2 is the edit screen. Visitors enter their review and a rating. Click on submit. After submit, they are forwarded to the details screen.

  3. On the details screen, they can finally see a summary of their review (rating, text, name). This all works fine! All info is shown, all webhhooks are started and finished without errors. The details screen contains all information!

Expected behavior:
BUT this information is not saved for the review item in the database (Glide table) for mobile users. On desktop everything is saved. This is so weird! A mobile user can see their review entry on the details screen, but I do not have their entry in the database. Custom actions like web hooks are started correctly, but where does the data come from??
In step 1 an item is added correctly, but the step 2 edit screen info is not saved. I tried adding an “Update row” action after submitting the edit, but that does not help either.

How to replicate:
See above.

Link to demo recording:
Sorry, no recording of my phone now. Has anybody has this issue before?
If we need to investigate more, I can do a full recording. … or I rebuild everything and try to avoid using the edit screen.

I have same issue.
i have action which adds a row, then open edit screen in same action.
Edit screen haven’t saved result of edit. The result have present on user’s device after submit pressed during some time and then disapears and never go to server.
This happens only in the published instance.
If to do same in editor → edit saving results.

So do I understand it correctly that both of you have a form to add a row, then immediately show the edit screen for that row?

Is there a reason why the info can not be added right from the form but has to be in the edit screen? To me that’s a weird flow.

Thanks for income, ThinhDinh!
It is complicated question. Many reason but does not matter. I exactly need:

  1. By user’s pressed button to add new row with template data to main table and to customers Dashboard table.
  2. And emmediatly need to open edit screen with newly added row.

p.s. In a past year thera no issue, but it starts this year

Yes, the alternative would be to have a multi-step form (there is a Glide template for that by @darren) but I have a public form, so I cannot use user-specific columns in another table as temporary savers like Darren does.

→ I just need a public 2-step form, that’s why I use first the add, then the edit screen. I need 2 steps because step 1 triggers a webhook.

Another alternative would be the form container though the layout is limited to 1 column. Like Darren, I try to use a “Next” button to control the visibility of step 1 and step 2 form fields.

Unfortunately, this does not work:

A) The submit button is always visible :neutral_face:
B) I have a mandatory field called “Rating” which is in part 2 of the form (you cannot see it in the screenshot) but I can still press submit :frowning:

Since this all does not work, I guess the final solution would be:

  1. Form to add a review item
  2. Form to add a review text item, which is related to the review item
  3. Show details screen of review which also shows the review text

Would a form within a form option work for you here?

That is, you create a parent record and then create one or more related child records within a single (custom) form screen.

Do you mean something like a submit button where IF some field is empty in a form THEN show another form right below ELSE save the entry?

I guess I’ll try the solution above (form 1, form 2 related, detail screen) because I need an ID already in step 1 to start the web hook properly. I could do workarounds for the ID but this is less complicated I guess.

Have a look at the below thread:

And also the sample App that I provided as a solution:

The above is an App, but the same concept can be applied equally well to Pages.

The general idea is that you set a UniqueID in a User Specific Column when the form is first opened, and use that in an Add Row action as the ParentID when the Parent record is created. You can then use that same UniqueID to create one or more related child records, without leaving the form screen.


Good idea. Although A) I have a public form without user-specific columns and B) I need a “landing page” for the form to be associated with a project and to be able to deactivate it. That’s why I can’t work with the form screen - and the form component that can be added to other pages is not that flexible (as seen above).

You don’t need users to be signed in to make use of User Specific Columns. The concept works the same, regardless of user sign in status.

I don’t see that as a barrier. I’d probably use a helper table and set the project ID in a separate user specific column when the form is opened. You would then have access to the associated project and could do whatever you like.


Thanks for clarification!! Now we found several techniques to deal with the bug / unexpected behaviour :love_you_gesture:

Hi Darren!
In my case(edit didn’t save data) i must to use this flow at one action:
1 add row
2. Emmideatly open edit screen
In edit screet user choose some options and need to calculate according user choice to show to user the total. In this case i cant use form only edit.
Previosly all works fine but few days ago - stops.
This is not new Pages this allready sold to customers and used in a production


I don’t really understand why you would ever need to do an edit on the same row immediately after an add, but I guess you have a use case that hasn’t occurred to me.

Because it is customer requirement for flow: One click and see form(edit screen) in which they can calculate the cost berfore pressing submit button
I know about custom form but there another issue with update(edit) cost
They adding many rows per day and each click cost staff tired
And of course main is to see finalm calculation of cost before pressing submit button

For now i splitted in to two action

  1. First button click is Adding row
  2. Second click on item opening edit screen. Edited data became screen and not appear in the editor, after some times disapears from user device screen

Ooo it became randomly some times simple edit screeen saves data to editor some times no. This is the end
Edit screen don’ t saving data to server, some times savig,but some times no.

Oh sorry to hear this. I guess the Edit Screen should be used with caution. Whenever a user’s internet connection is unstable or there is a server hiccup data could be lost. That’s why I work with data validations as much as possible. Later in the process some buttons are hidden when crucial data is missing.

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