Adding photo creates new row of data


I have it set to where adding a photo to a record creates a new row of data with a photo instead of just being assigned to the row I want it to be in. For every photo submitted, a new row appears. How can I just make it to where the row of data is being overridden by whichever photo is newest? I don’t understand the need for a new row of data every time a photo is submitted.


Thank you

How is it being added? Are you using a Form? A form will always add a new row - that is its purpose.

Probably what you want to do instead is allow editing.


That definitely makes sense. Yes its a form. Allow editing? Can you share a brief example?

There are several ways. If you check the documentation link that I provided, you will find some examples.

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Don’t know how I missed the big block. LOL thank you, I will review it!

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