Glide skips a row when adding text entries

So I’m stuck at this issue and I can’t figure it out.
I have a sheet that has two groups “group A” and “Group B” with columns “date”, “title”, and “descriptions”. The way the app is setup, I want to add entries to both groups separately but I want both groups to be shown in the same “sheet 1” rather than two different sheets/ tabs. on the glide app, I have 2 form buttons linked to the group A and group B separately. when I use the form button to add entry in group A, It works perfectly and add an entry to the row below the last entry. but, if i use the form to add entry to groupB after adding it to group A, it skips a row. for example: i have an entry in row 32. Glide will skip row 33 and add the new entry to row 34. I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong that’s making it skip the row in between entries.

An Add Form will always add a new row. That’s its purpose.
If you want to update an existing row, you should use an Edit Form.

Thank you for the quick response!
The Issue is that we update the list every morning. We add a new entry to an empty row. If I use “edit form” would it still add the entry to the empty row even though it has no data?

Use an Add Form for the first “group”, and then an Edit Form to update the row with details of the second “group”.

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