Glide Page Add New Row with New Data

Problem 1: Glide Page Add New Row with New Data

I am trying to add a new Record via the collection into the glide table / google sheet. however, every time i do that, the first record in the google sheet is added, instead of showing a new form for me to insert new record. Please see attached

The new row added is always the same data PT8642 SDM Ichiban @ Yu…

Problem 2: Collection does not have "Content Image Action

Use the “Show Form” button.

“Add Row” action is needed if you’re not using a native Glide form. Glide forms will add a button themselves when the Submit button is pressed.


I have created a form button on the first page and then on the form I am collecting lots of information I don’t want the form submit to take user back to the starting page but to the next page so I can collect other information. I have created a custom action but “add row” just saves the first values rather than values chosen by the user. I really need to be able to send user to another page instead of back to the starting page. How do I do it?

Here is the custom action screenshot. I can’t add other pages since this post doesn’t allow more than one screenshot.

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