Upload New Image to Replace Old

How do I set my “upload new” button to upload a new image to replace the current image that I have instead of creating a whole new entry?

I would set the action to Link to Screen (This Item), and put an image picker on that screen.

Is it a form ?
Have you created a button to upload an image ? Image picker maybe ?

so I created the button “Upload New” and that takes you to the image picker. But then, when I click “submit,” it still creates a new entry instead of replacing the my current image of the insurance card

What’s your Action on the button?

You can add an image picker and set the data column to the image column like the following photo

This way you will replace the old image without adding any rows

but I have multiple rows (for different entries) under my image column in my data set, so when I set the data column to image, how does it know which entry to replace the image?

Did you…

When I did what you suggested in my first post, I had my “Upload New” button lead to another image picker. I set action to Link to screen, but I could only link it to the “Files” screen. Thus, instead of replacing my current image, it just created a new entry under my “Files” screen.

Also, thank you for your help and patience! I just joined Glide today, so I’m still learning!

Is your upload button opening a form or is it directly linking to a screen? If it’s opening a form, then it’s always going to add a new row. If you want to update an existing row, then you don’t want to use a form since it will always add a row. Can you show the action settings on your button?

ohhhh ok…my upload button is opening a form…so if I’m understanding you correctly now, I should put an image picker on the same screen as my upload button. Then have the action for my upload button be linked to that screen?

No, you should change the action on the button from Open Form to Link to Screen (This Item). This will give you a new screen linked to the same row. On the new screen you can have an image picker that updates the image in that same row.


Will try that – thank you!

It worked!!! Thank you so much!!

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