Is anyone having a problem to sign up or sign in like this?

I had a user with this issue last night. I told them to try again, and if that didn’t work, see if they could try again with a different internet connection. In their case they were trying to get in on a bad hotel internet connection :person_shrugging:

Are you still having issues?

Yes, still… for some reason I can’t fix it. I it’s not the cache nor the browser.
It doesn’t allow me to log in with Google account or any email address.
Are you using Google Chrome too?
Are you using windows?

Hola Omer,

Please, answer my questions:

  • Have you tested using another PC or device (phone or tablet)?

  • If so, I suppose all your devices are using the same internet connection (given by the same ISP). Can you switch or use another ISP and test your APP again? E.g. using a cellular network

What I want to know is, if your APP has same problem when you use different ISP companies or not. Maybe your IP address was blocked by Google and until not receive a new one from your ISP, your access to Glide or other Googles services will be restricted. This was my cases months ago.



Actually I’m confused. I was able to get in from my phone.

I have this issue early at morning, just clear your browser cache, temp fix but Glide should look at.