Sign In problem- Could not connect to Google

I click on “Sign In.” It looks like it’s signing in but then ends up with “There’s a problem. Could not Connect to Google.”

Is this a known issue?

Seems like there were quite a few issues going on today. Is there still a problem?

I’m sure the internet is being overloaded with so many people working from home and many companies prioritizing their traffic.

Just tried again (UK - first thing Thu) and it’s still not letting me log in. Exactly the same as above.

For reference:

I’m been having the same problem the past day or so. I was able to fix it by signing in with another browser. In my case, Chrome wasn’t working and I was able to sign in and reconnect google with Safari.

However, if I go back to Chrome it still says could not connect to Google.


Thanks. On a Chromebook you’re pretty much stuffed if Chrome doesn’t work though.