Issues with login (Chrome)

Hi everybody , i’m having that same problem right now and i dont know what i can do. I’m new here

Hey !

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Thank you for sharing your issue with us. About the login problems, based on this post :arrow_down:

It looks like this is a known issue but unfortunately there’s no way to workaround this (as far as I know).

If you need more help please do let us know !

Hi @AymenM thanks but i’m not using a Chromebook. Do you know if exist a workaround for a non-Chromebook? Could be something in my browser Chrome? I’ve alreary tried in explorer and in incognito window too, and its the same

That’s weird, because on a « regular » browser it works fine. I have no issues in my side with chrome, safari…

Can you confirm you meet all those requirements :arrow_down:

@AymenM i got it! i dont know how, but i tried again rigth now and gone, thanks for the attention!!

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Happy to hear !

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