Sign Up problem - Could not connect to Google

At Sign Up.

Using Chrome 88.0.4324.190 64 bits (Latest version)


Could be a problem with chrome. The thread below has discussed the same issue. Perhaps it provides some further insight or answer for you?

Managed to get it to work using Brave Browser. It is a little bit odd 'cause Brave is chromium based.

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At my job, we had some major issues due to what we believe was a recent chrome update causing one of our websites to blow up for certain users. Very hard to reproduce, but for some reason only I could reproduce it on 2 of my work computers. My personal computer had no issues and most other programmers and support could duplicate it either. Most of the error emails coming back reported Chrome .182 as the user agent, and possibly .190 as well. We ended up having to restructure some of the buttons on our website. I’m almost convinced that there is a Chrome issue, but it was almost impossible to debug and reproduce reliably. Hard to say if it’s in any way related to issues signing into Glide.

I’ve had the issue with 1 user. For them the problem appeared to stem from trying to sign in with Google using a Workspace email address setup as a secondary user in the browser. What I mean by that, is that it was their personal PC with Chrome signed in with their personal Gmail account.

Used another PC/Tablet and all was OK. They were the main client, and were not even able to sign in to Glide itself.