Unable to sign in with Google


How can i sign in without receiving this message : “oh sheet Something went wrong while signing in” ?

Thank you

Are your Gmail account and password valid?

Hello Christophe,


i think the issue comes from there

Are you still having issues? I re-categorized your topic under Bugs.

The issue is fixed. i had to removed Google Chrome and reinstall it. Thank you.

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Hi, i have the same problem with firefox, i removed all the add ons, adblock… but still can’t copy, or sign in to the site

Have you ever sign in to glideapps? If you did before and have changed your Google pwd, then disconnect from glideapps, and reconnect using your (new) Google credentials.

I am facing an issue launching a new app from a spreadsheet on Glide. I’ve captured exactly what happens over here : https://youtu.be/LUcCJlWNF94

How can I fix this?

Please try signing out, then back in.

Tried that, issue persists

Tried from a different browser and it worked fine.

Browser with issue : Brave
Browser I tried afresh on: Safari

Sorry, we don’t support Brave. Is that the only browser on which you see this issue?

As of now, yes, only on Brave. Switched to using on Safari and it works fine.

Thank you