Sign in issue with gmail

When trying to sign in with google I am getting this. Any idea?

Issue is with both of my phone’s

And both of my emails.

Is anyone else having this? I have a feeling this is a global issue? But that’s just my gut.


This issue has already been shared, based on David’s post it looks like it has been solved :

Can you try to refresh your apps ?

I can confirm that this happens. We’re troubleshooting now.


Still happening I will check in soon.

Well, I think that you should better wait for more informations. Please let us know if anything changes!

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I had that with the issue earlier today. I just went back to and it was fine after that. Think I had to sign in again.

FYI, works fine in my side


Update it works


Happy to hear ! Thank you for reporting and thank you @david and team for hard work. If more info is needed, please flag this message :slight_smile:

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We had to roll back our release for a second time today! We will do a special release again tomorrow with more fixes.