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Hi team

I am using public with password to sign . But when I am using sigin with Google…option i need to login twice to login to google …this is frustrating …why this is happening…

  1. Click on " continue with Google" & once I select the Google account then it will come back to login screen once again …
  2. Click on " continue with Google" in 2nd attempt when i select the Google Account i will be able to login to the ap…

I have the same setup as you for my apps, but I am not seeing that issue. I’d recommend a couple of things to troubleshoot. See if you can isolate the behavior on the “emulator” within Glide in the web browser. If you can see the problem there, I’d go ahead and clear cache and cookies on the browser that is running the “emulator”. Does that fix it? Next step would be to try to duplicate the unwanted behavior on the app running on the device. If you still hit problems, you’d need to provide a few more specifics about the target OS (of the app), whether this happens will all Google logins, etc., ideally supplemented with a video of the behavior. Hope this helps.

Thanks you very much…will try it out

Issue still happens…it is not giving good user experience in my pro app


Please send us a link to your app, and ideally a video of this happening. Could you also tell us what platform (OS, browser, browser extensions, antivirus if applicable) you are using? Certain browser extensions or configurations can themselves be buggy and cause this problem.

Kuruba.servemywedding.com is the link

Users are complaining that not able to logon…or taking too much time to login


Users are facing issues in logging on…if it is logged on then it is slow…
2. It is asking for PIN Everytime the user logs on
3. Google login issue is still there
4. Also when new user logs on then his details are not getting added in user profile tab of google sheet

User are complaining about the app…they were happ with single signin with a password…( not able to continue with this option because of new pricing)

If this issue continues planning to cancel the Pro …as all the users are very unhappy with the current email option to login

If this continues then might need to cancel pro app …

Issue started when I changed the option to public with email

Using in android & chrome browser

Can someone check it & let me know is it glide issue or my app issue,?..

Looks like it is glued issue

Can someone from glide team have a look into it …it is effecting my customers from 4 days …s

@chethan_M I’m sorry, but we’re going to need to to take videos of what you see is happening. It is not clear to us exactly what your issues are based on what you have posted here.

It appears that some of your users have extremely poor network connections. We’re trying to work on our networking at the moment, and it’s a difficult problem. We’ve generally improved reliability for most of our users but may have harmed some others. Being able to see the behavior of apps in a video will help us narrow down exactly what the cause of the problems are.

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Most of the time the user complains that they are not able to open the link only ( website not loading) …

Also app is taking time to load…too slow

Please provide me the app used to record the video

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Go to loom.com and create an account…it’s free up to a certain number of videos. I’m not sure it’s available in every country, but try.

Thanks…will try it out

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i’m having a similar issue with my app of having to click “sign in with google” twice to get in