User can't login using google account

Yesterday I created my first public app (on the free version). Recently I got a message that a person can’t log in using her Google acc when on the Welcome screen she presses Login with Google acc and then the app shows: “Loading made with Glide”.

Checked log in data on excel, the app doesn’t show that she be logged in.
What could be the problem?

Note: Just received a message from someone else, at everything works for him.

Any ideas what is the issue here?

I know the loading screen you’re getting, but that shouldn’t be there for more than a couple seconds.

Could you give me your app link and possibly a video?

Yes, I know that it shouldn’t be there for long. For now, it’s only 1 person who has had this problem, but I want to know what I can do so other people would not experience this in the future.

Link to the app:
It’s not in English, but it shouldn’t be any problem to sign up.

Odd, it’s not happening to me
:sob: But now you have my email

Anyways, did your user try to reproduce that error? Could you ask your user to try again?

Yes, from her I understood that she tried it more than once. I will ask her to try again tomorrow.

If needed, I will delete your login data.

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Hi Karlis, I tried logging in with a Google account and it works well for me (

Pls do :sob: Ever since I’ve been getting phishing emails I’ve been paranoid - good thing that virtual addresses are now available!


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Thanks! I will ask her to try again and maybe to use an option to log in by typing the email , not by pressing “Sign in with Google”.