Internal Server Error

Hi guys, I have the following problem with the Google login it throws this message. How can I solve that?

I hit a similar error a short while ago, but navigating back to the main dashboard ( resolved it.

I suspect it was just a temporary hiccup.

@Camilo_roca we are investigating some backend issues now, that were short-lived about 20 minutes ago.

FYI, you should not share screenshots of info like this—it can be used to impersonate you:

In this case, the data is incomplete, but please be careful.


Ahhh I understand thanks for the correction I already deleted that photo, ATTACHED IMAGE, this message throws in all devices when trying to login with Google.

Sorry I did not explain myself well, the error happens when using the login for users to enter my app.

We believe all issues are fixed. Are you still seeing this error?

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Solved !! Thanks a lot :raising_hand_man: