iOS Sharing Images

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For Android users, you can hold an image and it will pull up the share bar/ screen. (No Issues)

I’m having Apple iOS users say they get the hepatic feedback but then nothing.
On Apple’s developer’s website, it says they have the ability to do this.

So I’m assuming this is a bug of some sort and not a feature request.

PS I’ve also tried the Share button but that only shares the link and not the image.
Anyone else see this issue or have a workaround?

@david is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

Apple triggers the haptic feedback when you touch the screen in this way in Safari. We have no control over it.

@david thanks for responding.

I know you don’t have control over what apple does. But is there a way for iOS users to share an image?

As the share feature only shares the link.

Attach a Share action to the image.

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I am running into the same troubles. The share Action does bring up a share menu. Although, it is highly abbreviated from the share menu available elsewhere throughout iOS.

I believe that IOS is “smart” enough to remove any from the list that don’t apply or don’t make sense in the current context.

@Darren_Murphy I would think so too but check out these two images sharing options. The abbreviated list is from Glide.

First one is a long press on an image in Slack.

Second one is from an image in a Glide App. selecting the share action. Attempted both way of creating the Show Share Actions and the the Enlarge Image action with a sharing button. Both resulted in this same abbreviate list.

Sorry, I can’t explain that.