Ability to save images via app

Is it possible to save an image shown in an app. Use case is to create a gallery page where users can upload/ download images.

You can use a share action on the image, or the enlarge image action, to get to the share sheet where you can choose to save the image.

This doesn’t actually work. There’s no share image action, and the share button in the app won’t save the image. Instead, it allows you to share the direct URL to the image.

Any ways to get this working?

There’s an enlarge image action. On Android, if I tap an image to enlarge it using that action, then I can long press on the inside to get a menu that lets me download the image.

So it must be an issue with iOS. Any way to save images on iOS?

No idea. There’s a reason I don’t use Apple products :joy::wink: what happens when you just create a link or a button that points to the image url?