Saving Images & Files to Google Drive

Is that option possible, as I ‘ve seen other posts requesting the same capabilities. If not possible, yet, how would I be able to give the user the option to download an uploaded image / file to local drive.

Set an action on an image component to Enlarge Image.
Click on the image on your phone to enlarge the image.
When you long press on the image, options pop up download the image or share it to another app, like good drive. This works for Android, but I don’t know how it’s done on Iphone.

Otherwise you can provide then the urls for each image and they can maybe use a third party service, it open the url in a browser tab to download and save the images.

for iOS

- small icon top right, opens up the things for sharing, send to messengers, etc

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. The ultimate solution would be to have those images saved to Google drive. Is that Possible.

@Mark_Turrell For me, the share button at the top right would only save the url, an not the image. I had to use the long press to actually save the image. Can you check if IOS is different?

@Aj2666 Yes you can save to drive. If you look at my screenshot, the share image option has the drive logo. Probably because that was the last app I shared to.

The Share button for me does a ton of different things on iOS:

  • forward to frequent telegram or whatsapp msg contacts
  • then forward to various apps
  • then options to copy, etc

I get a lot of options too, but it’s only passing the url. When I share to Google drive using the share button at the top right, it saves the url in Google Document. It doesn’t save the image. That’s why I had to use the long press option instead. I get the same share sheet to other apps, but one way shares the URL and the other way shares the actual image.

Hi all,

I have the same request for my existing glide apps. I need to download all the uploaded images to my google drive in bulk. Please share if someone knows how to do it…