Insert image from google drive

I would like to insert an image from my google drive in a rich text html with this script
2020-06-19 10_57_50-Insert image from google drive - Glide Community

It works well in my edit app mode on my computer

but the same image doesn’t appear on my phone

Can you help me please ?

Is there any reason you opted not to use a normal image component? Just because of the size?

because i have to write a lot of text with severals images and i would like all in one column

my script is right but i don’t understand it’s not working just on my phone

Can you share your app with me so I can check if it works here?

what is the best way to share with you ?

do you just need the qrcode

Yeah or the link to the app, whatever works for you.

That image is not showing here for me as well, but others are fine.

Is there something wrong with the link? Can you copy the link to that image here to see if we can access that from our phones?

because all the others images use a normal image component
this image is the only one with a html script

I got this error trying to access that image.

Have you made it public?

the link is ok because in html editor it works, in edit glideapp mode it works, in glide chat we use actually it works,
only in the phone it doesn’t work
it makes me crazy

Can you check the sharing settings again because it’s not letting me view the image when I access that Drive link. Thank you.

you’re right
my imagefile on my google drive was limited to access
now it works on my phone to

thanks a lot for your help
have a good

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Have a good day as well!