Customize & Use iOS Sharing Menu

The app I want to build requires using the iOS sharing menu to add items to the app. Without this, the app can’t be built with Glide :confused:

I have no experience with IOS, but what type of things do you want to add via the sharing menu? Are you doing more than just copy and paste, or do you want the glide app to show up in the sharing menu?

In this particular case, you would need to be able to interact with the app based on the sharing menu. For example, if you were navigating in Amazon’s native app and clicked to share a product (via iOS), it would appear as an option like the apps do in the image below.

And if you click on a particular app then it would share information with the app. In the case of Amazon, it would share the link, image, and any other information that Apple normally gives.

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OK, I understand. I don’t think that is an option for now, but maybe someday.

Is this still on the list of possible features?

I believe this is working on Android but I’m not sure it’s working on iOS.

Bumping this up. Is this on the roadmap or does anyone have any good workarounds?