Inline List of External URL Links

I’m creating a book tracking/studying app. I’ll progressively add books that I’d like to read, and then each book page has a place for me to write notes about it and mark it read.

I also want to add a “Resources” inline list to the book page. Links to book reviews, podcasts, videos, etc. about the book. I made an inline list for these links, but you can’t click the URL link directly from this inline list. You have to navigate into the section for each resource to click the link. See the picture below. Is there any way to cut out this extra step and click the URL directly from the inline list?



Great wish
I do hope that glide will eventually do it. It has been requested numerous times in the previous months


I just ran into this issue but the workaround is fairly straightforward (as long as you don’t need to display many links / do anything complex with them), I just added extra columns to store the links in. Then add components to display the links from those columns in.