Inline list + Details style changes

Hi guys,

  1. I’m rebuilding my app in the new format but can not seem to work out how to work around the inline list not being available.

  2. Additionally, what’s the go-to workaround for the Details style?

1.1) Some info:

  • I have a Pet profile sheet with two sub-sheets for vaccinations and treatments.
  • Profile sheet has row id which reads to a text column in each sub sheet (in the form)
  • Created a relation to link the sub-sheet to the profile based on the row ID.

My issue is that:
A) I cannot seem to display only the specific pet profiles vaccinations ( it displays all when I choose the “List” collection.)
B) I can’t seem to use the list relation as a source for any collection or a button.

They are now called Collections.

Every screen is now a Detail screen, which provides more design flexibility.

Collections can still refer to relations. You just need to make sure your screen is connected to the correct row that contains the relation you want.

Is your relation a multiple or single relation?


Thanks for all you assistance and clarity, so below is an image of what I am trying to do:


The list relation option (Multiple) appears for me and works correctly when I choose a collection element. But I don’t want that, I want a button that allows a user to navigate to that screen (as shown in the top section)

Previously I used a list relation component, which once clicked navigated to that screen but I don’t have that option anymore.

Any tips to get the button to work?

You could use a “Show New Screen → This item” action on the button, and then add the Collection to the next screen. That should create the effect that you are looking for.


Amazing that worked thanks @Darren_Murphy

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