Equivalent to inline lists in new apps?

Hi there, I just created my first “new” app version and cannot find the inline list component. Has this been replaced or discontinued? Is it still possible to create elements that looks like this? Thanks


Is that an inline list or a list relation?

List relations are discontinued. Inline lists become collections in the new version. You just have to do the “count” part yourself with a relation/query + rollup, and then display it with a collection.

Thanks, it’s the earlier inline list. I understand the rollup count, but not how to format the collection component to get to the desired result. It seems all options display the results within the page, not inline?

Can you have two screenshots to compare these options? I’m not entirely sure about “within the page” and “inline”.

Apologies, I mean similar in style and function to the depreciated inline list shown in the screenshow. It doesn’t displays the results within the screen, but should be opened to show the collection results in a new screen - I hope this makes sense? :pray:


I would have 3 collections based on your screenshot, with the appropriate rollups.

Each collection should have the source being “this item”. The action being “show new screen”.

In that new screen, you display the appropriate relation with a collection.

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Sorry for being slow, I finally understood what you meant and that works. In order to display an icon, I added up using an action text module instead. Thanks for the input and bearing with me - miss the old ready-made inline and some other legacy modules. :wink:

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Don’t worry, we’re always ready to help.

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