Individual weblinks as inline list for each item

I have a product sheet and a retailer sheet. Each item can be available at multiple retailers. I want each product to show inline tiles for each retailer the product is available at. However, I want that clicking the tile takes my user directly to the webpage of that product on retailers website.

Can anyone suggest how can I do it?

I know I can display pics and change action to weblink but pics don’t have option to customize the size/display multiple per row. Also, it’s too much work to display each retailer and weblink each product individually.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager @Deena @sardamit Any suggestions?

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If I am understanding correctly…You can set inline list items to use the action “open link” and have the links in a sheet column.


To get all retailers of product you can either use relation or use user specific column in retailer sheet (if you dont want relation) and then use filter with product id with the set product id.

For displaying retailer, in inline list using styling as Tile so you can fit upto 4 items per row.


You will need a mapping of each product and each retailer.

Product | Retailer | Product Page Link
SKU1 | Retailer 1 | SKU1 Link On Retailer 1
SKU1 | Retailer 2 | SKU1 Link On Retailer 2
SKU2 | Retailer 1 | SKU2 Link On Retailer 1


To build on @sardamit’s idea:

But yes, I agree the link would need to be on the mapping sheet.


So far I understand that I need to have a third/Map sheet that will have ID of product, ID of retailer, and weblink of the product at that retailer. After creating retailer relation in Map sheet I would create lookup in the Map sheet that pulls retailer data. Finally, I will display the inline relation of Map sheet in products sheet.
Did I get it right? (Sorry haven’t had my morning coffee yet :smiley:)

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That sounds right to me. I assume you won’t need much as far as lookups. Maybe a retailer image and name to make the list look nice. That should be about it.


Thanks @Deena @Coupons_Deal @sardamit @Jeff_Hager for your responses and solving this for me.

You guys are awesome!