How to relate shop name and retrieve

Hi All,

How can I relate shop name to retrieve from product list that this shop have these products.

I have the inlinelist showing shop name and image,
For each shop it should list corresponding products if I click.

Create a relation column that links the shop name in the ‘Trending Shops’ sheet to the shop name in the ‘ProductList’ sheet. Then when you click on a shop in an inline list, it will bring you to the details of that shop, where you can add an inline list that uses the relation of products as the source.

Just a word of advice for taking screenshots. Use the Windows Snipping Tool. It will save you a lot of time and provide much better screenshots for us to view.


Sorry,I’m using my phone to take photo to send screenshot.

Its retrieving the product now but it’s showing all the product list.

Screenshot attached for Dubai Burqas shop name has only one product in product list but showing all the product in product list.

Am I missing something?

You can copy and paste the screenshot into the forum directly in windows without having to use your phone.

Is your inline list using the relation or the entire sheet as the source?

I’m not getting that relation in the source column.

Change it to use the relation. That was the purpose of creating the relation.

I’m not getting that relation column in source.

Based on your screenshots, it looks like you are viewing the details screen of ‘Dubai Burqas’. So you have an inline list component on that screen and you don’t see your ‘shopRelProd’ relation at all?

Why I’m getting this.offers sheet doesn’t have a relation column.

I’m relating only shops and it’s products.its also retrieving it but the relation column is not comes under the source column in the inline list trending shops.

You should be in the details view of one of your shops. I’ve guessing you are still on the tab level. Your screenshot shows that you are not viewing one of the details of one of your shops.

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I made a mistake of giving new screen in action to show trending shops sheets in source.thats y this happens.finally done it.thanks for helping me to get this.

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