Help me with categories

That’s my app
That’s my sheet
i wan’t to set a different content for each shop
for example i’m trying to make the kit gen only visible in vip shop but the kit is showing in every store but keeping the same item type
any help plz ???

Do you have a relation set up between the store and the products? If you do, then you can use the relation for the products list within the store details.

i have tried to create a relation but the items keep showing in every shop lists

Are you using the relation to display the list, or just the entire sheet?

no just to show the list

Can you show screenshots of your relation settings in the data editor and the settings for the list on the screen?

Did you get this figured out? I see your app looks different now. I wasn’t able to tell from you screenshots what your inline list settings were, or what sheets your relations were set up on.

Thank you for fast respond, Yes I figured out the issue but I used filters instead of relations and its working now

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