How to relate list to retrieve correct data from

Hi I created a clothing store app.
I created a list with 4 categories in which if I click 1st category chudidhar it display all chudidhar in list,that’s happen.but if I click saree it should gets data from saree sheets but displaing chudidhar sheets values

Attached some screens

Personally, I would only have a category sheet and a product sheet. I wouldn’t create a separate sheet of products for each category, because it would become complicated to update and maintain the screen and designs for each category. Put all the products on one sheet and then you only have one screen and sheet to maintain.

Once you have that set up, then all you would need to do is create a relation linking the category in the category sheet to the category in the products sheet. Then display an inlist list from that relation in your category details screen. That would automatically show the correct products for the category that was selected and when you view the product’s details, you would only have to design that screen once instead of 4 times or more depending on how many categories you end up having.