Independent Screen Configuration Per Item!

Just saw this when configuring my inline list!

(@Krivo I think this ones for you!)

Does this do what I think it does!?

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 9.16.52 PM


Oh my goodness it DOES.

Each item in an inline list can have its own detail screen layout!
This. Is. HUGE.


Love your enthusiasm…just when you think you have ‘completed’ an app along comes another glide update to enhance the functionality even more… I can’t keep up! :laughing:

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@Robert_Petitto Different implementation - but wow - now you can do multiple buttons (by use of tiles) on the same line to go anyway in the app. It is fantastic!!


This is AWESOME!


Damn!!! I realized it and was wondering how it works. Fantastic!!

Epic update! Love your video @Robert_Petitto

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Just thinking, it would be even better if we could set the independent item based on a category/column.

I’m working on a list of resources (videos, articles, podcasts). To configure the layout based on the category would save so much time.


@Lisa I also envisioned something like that as the feature request shown below and this has also been requested in the feature request app.

But I’m really glad we got a long way when we got the possibility to link to an individual detail view from a tiles item

Feature request:

What I made out of the new feature:

So can you point the tile to a hidden tab, and make the tile visibility subject to some condition or security level?

We need it on the new version of Glideapps

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