⏬ In Staging: COMPOUND Actions!

Be great to see what you came up with. Early night for you tonight, can’t have you losing too much sleep

I actually lost quite a bit of sleep last night. Not because of glide, though. Tropical storm Zeta destroyed my backyard. We are currently without power / Wi-Fi. Looks like it’s going to be a Glide free day :tired_face:

I think it will. It’d kinda be ridiculous if it wasn’t - we all want to try the new features!

Oh gosh, sorry to here that. I hope you and family are ok, keep safe.

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Oh no! Robert, I hope the power turns back on. Good thing I’m safe from hurricanes - but not earthquakes :sweat_smile:

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Garbage audio…but boss battle concept demo:

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@david This is incredible! Since you asked, here are some areas that I thought were missing:

  • Background Action - Ability for an action to run based on certain data criteria or on edit/delete. Currently, it looks like everything is an on-click action.

  • Add row to sheet - Custom Fields - Need the ability to type a custom value when creating a record. I think currently you can only pull from existing fields.

  • Text Message - We need more text message fields. Like the ability to prewrite the text message and the ability to leave the phone number blank. Right now all you can do is map a phone number value with no message and no other options. Also, would be nice to have a Text message API like Twilio.

  • Email - We need more email fields. Need the ability to pre-write an email message. Right now the only field that is mapped is the email field. Also, would love the ability to use the action to send an email through sendgrid.

  • Timer action - Ability to have a scheduled or delayed action. For example to create a reminder record 1 week out and 24 hours before start date. Or something to that nature.

  • Alert/Icon - Need some kind of alert action. Also, the ability for a numerical value to be populated onto an icon attached to a rollup of some kind. Basically something to draw attention to the icon so that the user knows there is something new to be seen in that area.

  • Swipe Action - The ability for an action to run based on a directional swipe… left, right, downward.

  • More Condition options - Would love if we could have more date conditions. For example, is within… a certain month or year. I would use this to track impression metrics (using the increment action) by certain dates or years. For example, if today is “in the month of March” store the value in the March field, if today is “in the month of October” store value in October field.


These are all fantastic ideas :heart:


Great list. I already have ideas for these actions. Maybe one day we can have some of these, need to get the basics right first I suppose.

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I bet Jack and Robert are already writing their script for the amazing videos they’re gonna make! Looking forward to them! (no pressure)

Sorry, can you rephrase this and sound more excited @Pablo_books:wink:


A possibility to jump to next/previous row (fx while setting a value of the row you just jumped from).
Could also jump to the next/previous row where a certain condition is fulfilled. I would like to use this for a photo book application where you can disable certain row eg images not to show.

In Google sheets the row information can be used in a number of ways but is missing in glide sheets.

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Next Row/Prev Row actions would be amazing. I guess you would need a way to know if you are on the first/last row too…


Would love to see row concept in glide. I’m sure you can figure this one out😎

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When is this supposed to be released?

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I’m guessing it will be awhile yet.

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@david @mark @Antonio

Just saw “Set Columns” action! HUGE!

Can it also accept custom values or only sheet/computed columns? Also, what is “Action Source”?


My time for questions… judging by the name of your columns, are you building a game??? :heart_eyes: :scream:


Sort of—adding Gamification Elements to my app. I already have leaderboards, badging, currency, item stores, crafting, guilds, challenges, treasure hunts and random loot awards.

Now I need Boss Battles—lots of moving pieces that only Compound Actions can achieve :wink:

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Only columns as inputs for now. We’ll build it out more over time.

Action Source is a special feature we built for an early customer a long time ago. It won’t ship.

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