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Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification! So, if I want a “custom column” I’ll just need to build it using template or if/then/else?

For now, yes.

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Waiting … :heart_eyes:

Correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t this solve our user-specific rollup problem?

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…go on…

Never mind :cry:
I’ve been typing for ten minutes and I realized I’m wrong :sob:

I suppose in a sense you could with anything that allows an action. Maybe not a favorites component, but a button for example could set a user specific value to act as a favorite, but also add to a total count elsewhere. Would be a bit of workaround, but technically possible I suppose.


Hey @Robert_Petitto,

I have been playing around with this in order to get a reset button for a whole column.

I have created ITE to set filters and different ways but I can only reset the first row in that column.

Do you have any tricks that can get this action to work? If at all.

The use case: an app where the user can select several items by tapping an increment button on each item detail view.

That action will add the items to another inline list. The idea is to be able to reset the “amount” column after sending the items to the order sheet.

I hope this makes sense.

I imagine it won’t work at all without its own “clear column” action. @Antonio?


I feel we could have, under Reload Sheet button, a quick button to access all my Actions

What do you think?


Let’s continue the discussion here:

I think an option like this would be enough to create a reset button able to work with any column:

We need to have a reset button or clear button to this kind of things, do it manually is quit difficult so far and no script can be used if these values come from user-specific columns.

@Antonio is there any chance or idea to carry out this improvement within the Increment Action?

Saludos @SantiagoPerez and @Robert_Petitto

Epale @gvalero

I hope that “Clear Column” is what we have been waiting for.


Gracias Santiago

Sometimes @david and his guys work faster than it takes me to write something :grinning:

I will try it when my power failure will disappear



Hello @Robert_Petitto and friends!
In order to appear the action “add row to sheet” you made two increments. What is needed to make the new actions appear?

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