🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

This is a very early feature that we expect to change quite a bit!

You can now create more powerful, custom actions, with multiple steps and conditions:

To try this, choose Create new action... when assigning an action to a button, for example.

You can compose a chain of actions out of individual steps. We will release a handful of new action steps next week:

  • Add Row
  • Set Columns
  • Clear Column
  • Go Back
  • Go to Tab
  • Show Notification

Please try it out and let us know what steps we should add, and how we can improve it.


Show Notification?!


Yes, like when you submit a form (e.g. “Sent”).


Good stuff, congrats


Ahhh okay.

“Show Notification” = SO INCREDIBLY NEEDED! Nice add!!!


Whipped this up in 5 minutes:

Unique View Counter!


One thing I noticed— when adding a condition, there’s no way to remove the condition without also clearing the entire Action flow.


Its great anounce Glide team! New Actions will be so usefull, especially clear column


Hey David, you asked for feedback so here goes nothing
As you can see, there’s a button to edit the workflow of what happens (sounds similar to bubble) instead of that dropdown. It’d be helpful to remind users that you can create those types of actions.

Disclaimer: Yes, I can edit basic HTML. Yes I just realized the button isn’t centered. Yes I’m using a basic text editor. Yes I love Glide :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is AMAZING!!! Here is my wish list…

  • Background Action - Ability for an action to run based on certain data criteria or on edit/delete. Currently, it looks like everything is an on-click action. Use case, if a parent record gets deleted have an action that deletes child records.

  • Add row to sheet - Custom Fields - Need the ability to type a custom value when creating a record. I think currently you can only pull from existing fields.

  • Text Message - We need more text message fields. Like the ability to prewrite the text message and the ability to leave the phone number blank. Right now all you can do is map a phone number value with no message and no other options. Also, would be nice to have a Text message API like Twilio.

  • Email - We need more email fields. Need the ability to pre-write an email message. Right now the only field that is mapped is the email field. Also, would love the ability to use the action to send an email through sendgrid.

  • Timer action - Ability to have a scheduled or delayed action. For example to create a reminder record 1 week out and 24 hours before start date. Or something to that nature.

  • Alert/Icon - Need some kind of alert action. Also, the ability for a numerical value to be populated onto an icon attached to a rollup of some kind. Basically something to draw attention to the icon so that the user knows there is something new to be seen in that area.

  • Swipe Action - The ability for an action to run based on a directional swipe… left, right, downward.

  • More Condition options - Would love if we could have more date conditions. For example, is within… a certain month or year. I would use this to track impression metrics (using the increment action) by certain dates or years. For example, if today is “in the month of March” store the value in the March field, if today is “in the month of October” store value in October field.

  • Form Actions - Need to connect actions to form submissions too.

  • Form Actions Continued - Ability to submit a form and then go to the screen of the newly created form record.


that’s indeed a very powerful feature,
can we use user column for conditions as well?
(I want to add a button to - send an email if i’m an admin, or show form if i’m a customer)


@david I added view counters to my records. The increment action doesn’t appear to be working in the app. It works on the Glide app interface but not the actual app. Should we expect a delay or do we have to reinstall the app? Using a Google Sheet for this specific use case.


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Very excited!

Here in Brazil it is 11:58 pm and I still haven’t been able to go to sleep, I keep analyzing all the possibilities I now have to optimize my APPs. Thank you very much Glide team.





How about populating a response sheet with more than one row per button press?! :sunglasses:


Increment is also being buggy to me too… My app literally operates on Increments :sob:

Can you please tell us which app and how we can see the issue?