🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

@david you think in a future we can create Compound Actions per account… I mean, where we can easy access or implement that “saved action” in different apps?

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I feel we could have, under Reload Sheet button, a quick button to access all my Actions

Can you tell us how you would use it?

Imagine I create a simple Compound action to Add a Row, Go to tab, Show notification and increment in a column. But I realized I wanna implement this actions in most of my apps…
Talking about saving time, could help a lot!

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Could be something we sure had to set the new columns and sheets to this new apps… but even this, could save time too

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Agreed. Like Zapier…can save and copy zaps.


Hey David, I reloaded the page and it solved by itself. Pretty much what was happening was that any buttons with an Increment action were blinking in and out. I’m currently studying on my crostini machine (chromebook linux) and literally all websites keep falling apart. It probably wasn’t a Glide thing. Anyways, keep up the great work! Actions just keep getting better and better :slight_smile:

Got spoiled with Staging…building an app for a client right now and could REALLY use the Add Row/ Set Column actions :nerd_face:


Will watch the full video later, do you think this help with recurring bookings?

Oh my god. Lot of homework for the weekend!


This is exciting. Thank you

Would be good to have user columns and also screen data in conditions.

Ex… if user email …is empty…else…

literally just stumbled over this…and came to search what it was all about. nice.

This is great Bob, as always, thank you!

For the posts that haven’t had any views, how would you change the label from ‘Last Visited’ to ‘Not yet viewed’ ?

I was trying this with Three “Open Link” actions on button submission. However, only first one worked. Is that intentional?

Just to be more clear, I have a Three buttons which opens Email link (mailto://), Whatsapp link (https://api.whatsapp.com/) and SMS link (sms:+913541516…) separately. I was trying to combine these in One Button but after clicking a button, only First action is working.

Add Row will be great for onboarding processes and can be used to replace UNIQUE formulas in Sheets — add row to another sheet where you want to have each user’s email address listed for filtering purposes. Tie in an increment to the button so that it hides itself after it’s pressed to ensure you only end up with one row per user. Unique!


Great feature! But I can’t see it in my editor

Simple if then else…I did the same with the views — if empty then display “0 views”

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Potentially…except that the add rows action had to be hard coded… no way to know how many to add based on days/weeks repeating eg.

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I’m dancing at my desk :star_struck: