🔀 In-app sorting

You can now let your app users choose how list screens should be sorted:

To add in-app sort to your app, go to Features and add one or more columns to “In-app sort”:

Let us know what you think!


Nice one, thanks

Thank you. Very nice Addition. I would like to suggest to includ labels to allow providing a different name for the sort other than that within the sheet column heading; and would enable us to provide the sort heading in a different language

I would maybe suggest creating another column with a friendlier Heading description in the language of choice, then use the template column to make a copy of the column data you want to sort by.


Haven’t tried it out but I hope you can default to original sorting of the list

Love it, but in the roadmap app I have to set the filter everytime I check. It would be nice to save a filter.

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Hey guys, just tested the feature and it works like a charm!

But I’ve noticed that if we change the names of the columns for the data that’s being used to sort, the names of the sorting labels on the menu doesn’t change with it, even if you reload the sheet or add new columns, the old names remain.

Can you look into it @Mark?

We’ll investigate and fix. Thank you!

Will it be possible to make the sort function additive so that multiple columns can be included in the sorting?


This would be a great feature if I can get it to work. So I have a restaurant app for my local community, https://app.adamstakeout.com They’ve asked for ways to filter by style (got that figured out) but then to be able to filter by who is doing delivery or takeout or dine-in or a combo of those. When I go to my data I can sort the columns to see how it should show up in the app but when I go to the app to filter, it doesn’t come up with the same filter/sort. What am I doing wrong?