Add second sort option in a Inline List

When you are setting up an Inline List and in the “features” tab there is an option to choose a column as criteria for sorting the results.
It would be essential to be able to add a second sorting option so that you can sort them first by the first criterion and then by the second one

Good idea, but in the meantime you could create a template column that joins your multiple columns together. I’d recommend separating each item in the template with an obscure character, like a pipe ‘|’. Ideally, if your columns had values that were the same length, then it would work perfectly, but you could always do the joining in google sheets and add padding to each column while joining.

This may work for the most part:
‘Value aaa | Value bbb | Value ccc’
‘Value ddddd | Value ee | Value fffffff’

This would be better, where each value is spaced equally between pipes:
'Value aaa | Value bbb | Value ccc ’
'Value ddddd | Value ee | Value fffffff ’

Thank you so much, Jeff, for the quick response…
But I think, I didn’t quite understand what you were saying.
My Inline List consists of four fields: First Name, Last Name, Date and Status.
I want to present them filtered by Status and then present the most recent first…

I would create a template column with: “Status | Date (in YYYYMMDD format) | Last Name | First Name”.
Then sort by the template column.

Thanks Jeff, now is working the “workaround” !!

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