In-app Filter, In-app Sort – Add aliases to columns

Dear developers, please add the ability to set aliases for columns chosen for IN-APP FILTER and SORT.

We all use column grouping and technical names for columns(Driver/Full Name, Helpers/Last Edited, Order/No.), whilst it’s not user-friendly to put these columns into user-visible areas. Creating Template columns with human-readable titles:

  1. creates a redundant logic layer
  2. ruins group organization of columns(as human-readable titles won’t have parent, e.g. Last Edited, Order No., Driver Name, etc.)

I guess many people put their limited votes on big issues. This one small but would be quite a nice addition. I’m having to create If/Else columns just to be able to neatly present this in the app. would be lovely if we could name our sort. Column names in big apps are very long and usually with a ‘/’ just doesn’t look nice in the app