Image Dimensions

Hello to all Gliders,

I am looking to add an image with 24x24px, as a component, but no matter I select 1:1 the app always resize that image to its full dimension. This is very weird as I tought 1:1 would bring the image with its original dimensions.

Am I doing somethin wrong?


Even if you select “shoiw the whole image” in the image component settings?

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

No matter what I do, the image size is very big. I would like to use a dimension of 24x24px, 36x36px. But in “show whole image” at 3:2 the size is way to big and the image gets fuzzy. The idea I have is 1:1 images will display in its original dimensions. I tried to add a country flag in the column title but it won´t work either.

Try using Cloudinary. You’ll find lot of topic in this forum about Cloudinary. There’s maybe a way to get images displayed correctly using this service.

This might not be the answer you’re looking for, but since you’re using flags, have you thought on using the flag emojis?

Thanks Christophe. I will take a look into it.


Thanks for your message. This was my first try. But it won´t add the flag graphic. They say it’s an issue of Windows ! Only a set of 2 letters, such GB, PT etc…

You can add an emoji column in Glide’s data editor

And then to a template column with the flag + whatever text you need

I’ve never seen super small images behaving correctly in glide

You could try displaying the image using markdown in a rich text component like this:

![alt text](https://url.png "Logo Title Text 1")

Thanks ! I tried with html but it won´t either. Lets see with markdown

In a product description I have translations in 3 languages. Though I would like to use a flag on the top of it to diferentiate between them. Did it with text but my costumer requests me a flag. I agree with you I don´t know the look and feel but what makes me some confusion is why it stretches the images when I select 1:1 …

It works well with html img src tag. With markdown it streches the image either and since I am not confident with markdown, I add html and then give an attribute size and it worked.

Thanks to you all guys.

Add html and displays ok

… the only thing now is to understand how to remove the space below the flag.
Thanks for your help

Can you show me what is the HTML code for that part with the flag?

Sure …

Before you give the HTML code, may I ask if you just want to remove the space below, or you want the text to be on the same line with the flag?

Now I am looking in a way to remove the space bellow

Can you try formatting it again, because I can’t see the HTML code.